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Chun-Li and Morrigan Join the Cast of Project X Zone

New characters from Sakura Wars, Mugen Frontier, and Dynamite Deka too!

Ogami and Sakura have some friends from the later Sakura Wars installments.

Famitsu has a first look at the latest Project X Zone characters this week. Some expected combatants are joined by a few slightly less known characters.

Here's the new cast:

  • Sakura Wars: Erica and Gemini
  • Mugen Frontier Super Robot Wars: Nanbu Kaguya and Haken
  • Dynamite Deka: Bruno
  • Darkstalkers: Morrigan
  • Street Fighter: Chun-Li
  • Valkyrie no Bouken: Valkyrie

Famitsu also has a look at something I don't think we've seen before for this game: a map screen. All the previous screenshots have focused on the flashy cut-ins you're shown when your character's engage in direct combat.

The battle field looks like what one would expect of a grid-based strategy game. When you select a character, a grid appears over the field, showing where you can move. Movement order is determined by character speed. Friend or foe, the faster character moves first.

The stage shown in the Famitsu screens recreates the surroundings of the theater in Sakura Wars.

Famitsu has been super quick at releasing all its screenshots through Famitsu.com, so check back later today or possibly tomorrow for a first look at the new cast members.

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