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Baba Talks Next Tales With Famitsu

Producer comments on next mothership title and Tales Studio closure.

Tales of Xillia, the last mothership Tales game.

Similar to last week's Jump, this week's Famitsu has a teaser look at the new "Next Tales of" game that Namco Bandai will be announcing in early June. But unlike Jump, Famitsu managed to get some commentary from series producer Hideo Baba.

Baba confirmed that the game is indeed a mothership title. The catch phrase for the game is "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?" This phrase apparently has some ties to both the story and gameplay systems.

Previous titles were "high fantasy" games with swords and magic. This time, the game will have a more modern theme. The game's world view will be thick with cultural elements.

Despite these changes, Baba assured that the game will have the Tales play feel. However, he also said to consider this the team's challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage.

Outside of the new Tales mothership game, Baba said that Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development.

He also commented on the the recent closure of Tales Studio. The studio's staff moved into Namco Bandai. He believes this change will have some positive effects, as members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams come to the Tales team.

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