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Nomura: New Titles Take Priority Over Final Fantasy VII Remake

Character designer hopes to top classic with new FF games.


Famitsu has an anniversary feature on Final Fantasy VII this week, complete with an interview with character designer Tetsuya Nomura.

In the interview, Nomura admits that there is much desire for a Final Fantasy VII remake. However, the focus is now on making new titles, he says. They're working to make these new games match or even top Final Fantasy VII.

Nomura also says that he personally believes Yoshinori Kitase is the true successor to the FF series.

The Nomura interview also included some development trivia. The Yufie character was originally planned to be a wanted person, according to Nomura. In Midgar, you'd see wanted posters showing her face. Each poster would have a different face, and the Yufie that joined your party would have the face of the last poster that you saw.

[via Game Jouhou]

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