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Monolith Software Confirmed as Project X Zone's Developer

Plus, gameplay details from the game's trio of producers.


Famitsu's latest look at Project X Zone has more than just character and gameplay revelations. The magazine also confirms that the 3DS crossover title is being developed by Monolith Software.

Monolith's Kouji Ishitani and Souichiro Morizumi, both credited as "Development Producer," appear alongside Namco Bandai producer Kensuke Tsukanaka for an interview. One of the major topics of the interview, and of Famitsu's feature as a whole, is gameplay.

Project X Zone uses the "Cross Active Battle System." Battles are grid-based, similar to other overhead strategy RPGs. When you attack an enemy unit on the grid map, you'll enter into a battle scene. Here, you can tap the d-pad and A button to perform combos.

We introduced the Cross Hit and Support Attack systems earlier in the day. Famitsu also mentions Critical Hits, which happens when you send an enemy into the air, then connect your next attack just before the enemy falls back to the ground.

In the interview, Morizumi hinted at a character growth component. Each character initially has access to two or three skills. As you level up, the character will gain additional skills, up to five. Individual skills may also get powered up.

The game encourages you to use as many of your skills as possible. If you use all your skills, you'll receive a bonus. It's beneficial to use multiple skills rather than using the same skill over and over again.

Screens show an "XP," or "Cross Point" gauge. As you strike enemies, this builds up. The gauge can be used for special attacks, and defensive moves on the map. All units in your party share the same gauge. Using one special move will deplete the gauge fully, so you'll need consider carefully when to use it.

The gauge can actually fill up to more than 100%. When you perform a Cross Hit, the gauge can build up to 150%.

One area of focus for the team is tempo. They're making it so that enemy attacks will be handled quickly so that control will return to you immediately.

Presentation also appears to be getting a major push. Most of the screens we've seen thus far have shown Super Robot Wars-style cut-ins for when your characters execute their special attacks. The game will also have special cut-ins for when you use your special attacks on bosses. The battles will also be fully voiced, and you'll also be treated to a variety of pre and post battle comments.

We should be getting a first look at all the new characters and some actual battle map screenshots either later tonight or tomorrow.

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