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EX Troopers Goes Playable at Capcom Summer Jam

Screenshot from Lost Planet 3. We'll hopefully get a first look at EX Troopers later this week.

Lost Planet offshoot EX Troopers may have just been announced this week, but it's already set for a playable debut. The game will appear at the Capcom Summer Jam event in playable form. Capcom Summer Jam will be held at Tokyo Big Site on June 30 and July 1.

Here are some additional details on EX Troopers from Famitsu's reveal article and a summary at Sokuho.

EX Troopers tells of the fight between the snow pirates and Akrid aliens on EDN-3rd. You play as Bren Turner, a young man who's come to the academy (the game has a school theme) from EDN-2nd. Famitsu also introduces such characters as TeeKee, a female snow pirate who has the ability to communicate with the Akrid, and Gingira, a Vital Suit that's loaded with next generation AI and can communicate with its pilot. Gingira calls Bren "Master."

The EDN-3rd planet has three bases, each with unique traits. You select one of these to serve as your base of operations. The three bases figure into the story, as while Bren comes from one base, other members of the academy come from different bases. The story will be told through "manga demo" cut scenes (similar to Gravity Rush).

Famitsu managed to get some interview time with Shintaro Kojima, the game's producer (previous work on the Monster Hunter series). The game was started with the hope of making a beginners' action shooter, explained Kojima. While EX Troopers shares its world setting with Lost Planet, they hope that players play it lightly as a new title.

Unfortunately, the reveal article does not seem to have much in the way of gameplay details. But with a playable debut coming next month, we'll hopefully get details over the coming weeks.

EX Troopers will see 3DS and PS3 release some time this year. The game is currently 60% complete, Famitsu reports. Capcom is also planning developments outside of games for the title

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