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EX Troopers Trailer and Official Site

Meet the cast of Capcom's Lost Planet offshoot.


Capcom has opened an official site for its Lost Planet offshoot E.X Troopers. Access the site for a promotional movie, character voice samples, and Twitter icons.

The site introduces a few characters, referred to as "students and staff" owing to the game's school theme.

Bren: The main character who came to the academy on EDN-3rd from EDN-2nd. He's friendly and not shy, is driven by curiosity, and aims to be number one at everything he does.

TeeKee: This special girl is a member of a snow pirate group that longs to live alongside EDN-3rd's native Akrid creatures.

Chris Lanbert: An elite member of the academy with long experience in a Vitality Suit. He has confidence in his aim, and will come to consider Bren his rival.

Julie Fliesher: The group's "mood maker." She's not only skilled with a Vitality Suit, but also has great knowledge and affection. She's secretly in love with Bren (or possibly his Vitality Suit, Gingira).

Luan Forest: Luan entered the academy ahead of Bren and is his superior. He's devoted to data gathering, and has a lot of knowledge.

Gingira: Bren's Vitality Suit. Gingira is a prototype with next generation AI which allows it to speak with its pilot and even automatically take simple actions. The Gingira name was given to it by Bren when he first boarded the machine. Gingira refers to Bren as "Master."

We reported earlier that E.X. Troopers will be playable at Capcom's Sumer Jam event at the end of June. The official site lists the game as having a stage show, but does not mention playability.

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