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Agarest Senki Mariage's "Plumage" System Revealed


Idea Factory has released some new screens of Agarest Senki Mariage. Yes, it's definitely "Mariage" and not "Marriage."

Seeing the words "Agarest" and "Senki" in a headline probably make you anticipate some hilariously questionable artwork. To save you time, I've singled out the most questionable specimens from the new media batch.

Scantily clad anime chicks fits into the game's battle system.

Agarest Senki Mariage's uses a turn-based system. Each member of your four person party can be assigned one of four roles: attacker, defender, supporter and conductor.

Your characters wear a special clothing called "plumage." Using the power of plumage, they can call out special attacks. In exchange, they lose some of that very plumage.

Eventually, they'll get to their "Inner" armor, which looks like this:

The girls can gain new skills by taking part in a special ceremony where you (the main character) pour your "god machine power" into their plumage. It looks like this:

It's recommended that the player turn their PSP to tate mode for these sequences.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.