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This new batch of screens from Namco Bandai's second PSP adaptation of the food-themed Toriko manga/anime shows the game's new "support action" system. After defeating a boss, you'll need to explore its innards. To do this, Toriko will journey alongside a support character who will perform support attacks. Characters shown in the screens include Komatsu, Mansam, Zonge and Rin.

Also new for the sequel are combined special attacks where Toriko teams up with the four Heavenly Kings.

Finally, a couple of original characters from Toriko creator Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. To the left is Ryoutei, a mysterious foe who appears before Toriko and friends. To the right is Koryou, a girl who works in the restaurant of the train Toriko and friends use to travel. You meet her early on in the game, and she becomes Komatsu's assistant.

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