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Sega Ages Hits Next Week; Golden Axe and Streets of Rage Also Announced


Sega has set final release date of May 23 for the first round of Sega Ages Online releases, and also announced the next round of titles.

As previously reported, Sega will launch the downloadable retro collection on PS3 and Xbox 360 through six games: Alex Kidd Miracle World, The Super Shinobi, Super Hang-On, Wonder Boy Monster Land, Wonder Boy V Monster World III and Monster World IV. These will be individual releases on PS3, priced ¥600 each. On Xbox 360, they will be split into two 800 Microsoft Point consisting of Alex Kidd, Shinobi and Hang-On in one set and the Wonder Boy games in the other set.

The second round of titles will hit on May 30. Golden Axe Collection and Streets of Rage Collection will be released exclusively for Xbox 360, priced 800 MSP each set. Golden Axe Collection includes the 1989 arcade Golden Axe game and the Genesis/Mega Drive Golden Axe II and Golden Axe III. Streets of Rage Collection includes Streets of Rage I, II and III.

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