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Complete Gacha Officially Deemed Illegal

Penalties to begin in July.


Yomiuri reports today that the Consumer Affairs Agency has formally announced its view that "Complete Gacha" sales methods are illegal.

Complete Gacha is a widely used sales method in social games. In many social games, players can play a digital version of gacha to collect random items. Complete Gacha takes this one step further, requiring that players collect a particular set of gacha items in order to unlock a rare item.

Yomiuri first broke news on the eighth that the Consumer Affairs Agency was looking into the legality of Complete Gacha sales methods, a report that the agency later confirmed. Today's announcement represents the first time the agency has taken an official stance that Complete Gacha does qualify as a banned sales method known as "cards combination."

Starting July 1, game makers who use Complete Gacha will face penalties. Further details will be posted to the Consumer Affairs Agency's official site later today.

It seems that social game makers saw this verdict coming, as most of the major players, including Mobage, GREE, Konami and Namco Bandai, announced plans last week to halt the use of Complete Gacha.

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