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Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Test Schedule and Closed Beta Stats


Phantasy Star Online 2's open beta test will be preceded by a "pre-open beta," producer Satoshi Sakaii revealed today at the game's official site. The test is being conducted to make sure the main open beta test does not have any issues.

The pre-open test will be held in the latter half of June. To take part, just register for the open beta when registration opens up tomorrow (5/23). Those who register for the open beta will automatically be placed in the pre-open beta.

Sega also posted an updated report on the closed beta test, with some statistics.

Among the stats:

  • The closed beta has seen 147,000 downloads
  • 131,000 have logged in
  • The game saw max simultaneous login of 23,500 people on April 21. This was also the day of most overall logins, at close to 80,000.
  • 71.2% of user characters are female.
  • 38.9% of user characters are Human, followed by 31.6% Numan.
  • Hunter is the most popular class, followed by Ranger and Force.
  • Players have made 228,000 characters.
  • The closed beta test has received 11,000 bug reports from players.

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