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3DS Samurai Warriors Gets a Sequel

New generals and modes for sequel to launch title.


Tecmo Koei's 3DS launch title Samurai Warriors Chronicle is getting a sequel. Famitsu has a first look this week at Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd (in Japanese, Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd).

According to Sinobi's summary from an early copy of the magazine, Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd's main "Musou Enbu" mode will have branching scenarios which allow players to decide what path to take. Players will be shown a story flow chart, allowing them to plan a course to multiple endings.

All new for the sequel is the Moushou Enbu mode. This mission-based mode supports local multiplayer play, and internet rankings.

As expected, the game will also have new generals. Famitsu shows Takatora Toudou and Munenori Yagyu, but also mentions an additional female general.

Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd will be released on September 13.

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