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Kazuma finally decided to change his clothes for Yakuza 5.

Getting tired of that old Yakuza look? Yakuza of the End may be the last you see of it. In an interview with Famitsu this week, Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed that Yakuza 5 uses a new engine.

Nagoshi explained that the zombie-themed Yakuza Of the End represented an end for the series and everything that the Yakuza development staff had built to that point, including the engine. Yakuza 5 could even have been given the title "New Yakuza," said Nagoshi.

Despite the changes, it looks like many of Yakuza's familiar elements will be returning in Yakuza 5, including adventure and battle parts, and play spots around town. Regarding play elements around town, Nagoshi said to expect the greatest volume in series history.

Our first official online look at Yakuza 5 will come tomorrow.

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