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Soul Sacrifice: Salamander, Excalibur, Rock Golems and the Cyclops


Famitsu.com got exclusive access to the latest screens from Keiji Inafune's Soul Sacrifice. Access the Famitsu.com report here for all the screens, or look below for a few, with some details.

Note: The screens at Famitsu have some interlacing issues. We deinterlaced them, but the screens are still low quality. We'll hopefully get better versions later in the week.

The screens include a look at the game's "offering" system. Previously, Sony revealed that you'd sacrifice your character (or parts thereof) to perform powerful magics. The offering system involves calling out spells by making an offering of objects in your surroundings. Examples include turning boulders and lava into shields and golems. The rarer the object, the more powerful the magic, but once sacrificed, the object will be gone for good.

Also included in the screens are a look at two of your most powerful self-sacrificial spells, Excalibur and the fire-based Salamander. Excalibur kills your character.

Finally, concept art for the latest monster, Cyclops. monsters in Soul Sacrifice have unique designs, and unique background stories too. Cyclops was once a skilled blacksmith, but was always second and never first. Feeling jealousy over the weapons made by his rivals, he turned to the power of magic and sacrificed one of his eyes to make the ultimate lance. As a result, he himself became a monster.

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