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Gundam Age Screens, Cross Play Details, and Mobile Suits


As previously reported, Namco Bandai is giving Level-5's PSP Gundam Age game a dual SKU release. Players will be able to choose from Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive variations, both priced ¥5,980.

The difference between the two is in the guest Mobile Suits and a few other elements you'll find in the wireless "Cross Play Mission" play mode. The two versions also have different packaging:

Joining the box art, Namco Bandai shared details on the Cross Play Mission mode today. Playable via ad-hoc, this mode lets up to three players cooperate and compete on missions. There are four types of missions: destroy the boss, destroy all the enemies on the map, attack and destroy an enemy ship, and protect your mothership.

As you clear missions, you'll unlock Mobile Suits, pilots and materials that can't be unlocked in story mode (some unlocking requires that you've already cleared story mode first).

When playing Cross Play Mission mode, you'll want to set your character with one of 10 avatars, who serve as your pilot.

We've also included screens and artwork of a few Gundam Age units: Gundam Age-1 Starks, Gundam Age-2 Phoenix, and Gundam Age-2 Zantetsu.

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