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Keiji Inafune's Tokyo Jungle Would Have Had Zombies


Tokyo Jungle has chickens with jet packs and elephants on roller skates. If former Capcom superstar Keiji Inafune were making it, it would also have zombies (possibly with jet packs and roller skates).

Watch Inafune play Tokyo Jungle at his Comcept headquarters in the video below.

Before getting into the zombie talk, Inafune admits that he hadn't heard about the game until it recently came into the spotlight. After selecting his animal, Inafune immediately praises the game, saying that it has good sense for such areas as the select screen. Later, when asked by the creators for some criticism, he says that the animal motions could be more realistic.

While waiting for his play session to start, Inafune admits that if given a setting like that of Tokyo Jungle, where mankind has disappeared form the planet, he'd make the game about zombies. "I'm a bit sad that it's not zombies," says Inafune. "But everything else looks fun."

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