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Namco Bandai Tales Trademark Watch

Tales card games and explosive gourmet battles!


The latest trademark batch delivered by the trademark stork includes lots and lots of Tales.

Namco Bandai filed trademarks for "Tales of Card Evolve," "Tales of Card Masters" and "Tales of Battle Frontier."

None of these names are weird enough to be the name of the Tales game that will be announced next week, but perhaps they'll be given to side offerings.

Also from Namco Bandai are Bakushoku Gourmet Battle! (Explosive Food Gourmet Battle!) and Over World. Yes, they filed for "Over World" (as two words).

Square Enix has some new trademarks too: Solo Remix, A Realm Reborn and Shinsei Eorza (New Eorza). That last one is obviously for Final Fantasy XIV's reboot. But you'll have to play guess on the other two.

[Via My Game News Flash]

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