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Kojima Productions Begins Zone of the Enders Sequel Project

Enders Project at an early prototyping phase.


Zone of the Enders HD Edition has a final release date of October 25. But that's not the big news to emerge from today's Zone of the Enders HD ReBOOT Preview event.

During a talk session, Kojima Productions head Hideo Kojima revealed that the studio has begun work on a sequel, currently running under the name "Enders Project."

As detailed at Famitsu.com, Kojima indicated that the game is currently in an early prototyping phase. Producer Ryosuke Toriyama and other key staff are currently conducting tests on what can be done using the internally developed Fox Engine, explained Kojima. Toriyama took the stage and revealed that he and his staff are at the state where they're making models (real models) and converting them into Fox Engine assets.

Concept images of the sequel and the models being made at Kojima Productions.

Visit Famitsu.com and 4Gamer for a look at the stage event.

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