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Friday's announcement of Enders Project, the sequel to Z.O.E and Anubis, was made by Hideo Kojima, but Kojima's role on the game appears to be limited. Writing via Twitter over the weekend, Kojima said that because he's busy on his "Ogre Project," he'll be a producer on Enders Project. He's serving only a support role, dealing with such areas as the game's direction and beginning planning. The actual game design, script, event direction, level design and direction are being handled by his staff.

While Kojima said that he's producer, Ryosuke Toriyama was also introduced as a producer during Friday's announcement stage event.

Kojima also attempted to explain what some have observed as possible changes from past Z.O.E series games. With Enders Project, they don't plan on changing the feel of the game, explained Kojima. Regarding world view and expression, however, there are two directions. One is the direction of the previous Z.O.E. games, "Japanimation SF Robot" style. The other direction is real world live action like in X-Men, Batman and Spiderman.

While they're not necessarily aiming for photo realism, this is what is optimal for the internally-developed Fox Engine, and the times require a "global, high-end Z.O.E. style." If they were to make a Japanimation-style sequel, the sense, content, game feel and budget would end up being domestic-oriented.

Z.O.E. purists may not need to worry about too drastic a change, though. Kojima added that few members of his staff have that "SF spirit," so whatever they make will probably pull from robot anime.

Kojima Productions is currently creating and scanning models like this into Fox Engine as part of tests for Enders Project.

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