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Gung Ho will be giving players an early sampling of Gamearts' next PlayStation Vita title Dokuro. The official site was updated today with word of a three stage/thirty area demo that will be available for download through PSN on June 6.

You're not going to be able to just log into PSN with your Vita and get the demo, though. The demo will be accessible to those who have a download ticket. These tickets will be distributed at nationwide retailers. With one of these tickets in hand, you'll be able to download the full demo.

Those without access to a retailer can also look forward to the demo, but a bit later and spread out over multiple downloads. Stage one will be available on June 14. Stages 2 and 3 will follow, respectively, on June 21 and June 28.

Gung Ho will also be placing the demo in retail PS Vita kiosks from early to mid June.

For those planning on picking up the final version of Dokuro, you'll be able to carry your save data over.

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