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5pb.'s Phantom Breaker Becomes a Side Scroller on Xbox Live

You'll recognize the characters, but Ground Breaker is a completely different take on Phantom Breaker.

Last year's bishojo fighting is will be next year's bishojo side scrolling action game! Famitsu has first details this week on 5pb.'s Phantom Breaker Battle Ground. While the original Phantom Breaker was a 2D fighter released to retail, Battle Ground is a side scrolling action game for Xbox Live Arcade.

You'll be able to select to play as the various Phantom Breaker cast members. They're still 2D, but they now have cute SD proportions.

The game will offer four player cooperative play and competitive battle royal options. Gameplay details are scarce, but it looks like the game will take place on a two plane field. You can switch between the planes by pressing up or down twice.

Phantom Breaker Battle Ground will be released to Xbox Live Arcade in 2013. Pricing is TBA.

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