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Time Travelers: Time Stop System and Yuri's Scenario Revealed

Finally, some gameplay details on Level-5's multiplatform adventure game.


The Time Travelers official site was updated today with new story, character and gameplay details.

The story section reveals that each of the game's five main characters has his own unique story. Getting the first introduction is Yuri Fukase, an 18-year-old high school student who's top in his school in both academics and sports. As previously detailed, he has some connection with the Lost Hole incident from 18 years back, a time when he'd just been born. It's something that he does not (or maybe cannot) reveal to others.

Yuri's scenario is titled "High School Student." The scenario begins with Yuri heading to the lab to fulfill a promise of some form. He goes up to the roof and sees Mikoto (the girl who appears in all five scenarios in a slightly different form). Mikoto asks him, "Can I kiss you?"

Yuri gets a mysterious mail suggesting that he investigate the lab. He and Mikoto arrive at the lab to find that it's been sealed off.

The site's gameplay section finally introduces us to some of the gameplay systems that will take Time Travelers beyond your typical visual novel.

Time manipulation does feature into the game. You're able to freeze time, an action known as "Time Stop," and rewind the story. This will allow you make different selections.

The Time Stop feature is capable of jumping between the five main scenarios. For instance, lets say you're playing "Detective Chapter," which features detective Soma Kamiya. The screens below show Kamiya getting hit by a car. That car has news caster Hina Fushimi as its passenger. Execute a Time Stop, switch to Hina's "Caster Chapter," and you'll be able to make her driver avoid hitting Kamiya. Spared from a car collision, Kamiya will run off to his destination.

Other gameplay systems include PCE and TIPS. PCE stands for "Playing Cinema Event." It's just the game's fancy name for Quick Timer Events.

TIPS refers to detailed textual information about the game's characters and world. As you read the game's dialogue, you'll find that some words are highlighted blue. You can tap these to link to a TIP about the highlighted term. The game includes over 400 TIPS, some presented with movie files.

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