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High Sell Through For Dragon's Dogma

Mario Tennis 3DS outpaces Wii/GCN version.


Dragon's Dogma topped the charts last week, but it did more than just shift massive quantities. The game also saw a high sell through of around 86.5% on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

As reported earlier in the week, this translated to 302,000 unit sales on PS3 and 29,000 units on Xbox 360.

Dragon's Dogma outsold what some consider its inspiration, Dark Souls which managed 280,000 units in its first week on PS3 (an Xbox 360 version was not released in Japan). Media Create also compared its sales figures to the more recent Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, which sold 269,000 units across PS3 and Xbox 360 in its first week.

The other big game for the week was Mario Tennis Open, which placed second with 102,000 units. This was a 51.19% sell-through. The 3DS title is outperforming the Wii re-release of Mario Tennis GC, which sold 57,000 units in its first week and saw a 53.69% sell-through.

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