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Hori's Dragon Quest X Keyboard is Covered in Slime

2012's followup to the Dual Shock Slime controller.


Old time gamers may remember the ridiculous Slime-themed Dual Shock 2 controller that Hori released opposite Dragon Quest VIII back in 2004. Hori is back in 2012 with another Slime-themed peripheral, this time for Dragon Quest X.

The Dragon Quest Slime Keyboard has actual Slime figures covering its top function keys. The 12 figures can be removed.

DQ fans may notice some other DQ themes on the keyboard, including the use of DQ-style Roman numerals for the number pad, and dot fonts for other keys.

The keyboard will be released opposite DQX on August 2, priced ¥3,980. Buyers will receive an item code for downloading an item that increases your character's experience and gold for a period.

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