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Tales of Xillia 2 Announced

New mothership title confirmed to be sequel to PS3 hit. First details, screens and battle video.


If you guessed Tales of Xillia 2 when Namco Bandai began its "Next Tales of" countdown, you were right! At todays' Tales of Festival event, series producer Hideo Baba confirmed the new game to be Tales of Xillia 2, and shared a first trailer.

The PS3 sequel will take place one year after the original's end. Characters introduced in a trailer include main character Ludgar, his cat Lulu, and a little girl who's said to be the key to the story, Elle.

(Note: In an earlier version of this story, we wrote that Elle is a main character like Ludgar. This appears to be incorrect. It's unclear if the game uses a dual main character system like the first Xillia).

You'll be able to make key choices with Ludgar using L1 and R1. One passage in the trailer involves a decision about using tomatoes in a recipe -- Elle apparently hates tomatoes. Another sequence shows a decision with greater effect -- you're given a choice of facing off against the enemy or backing off. The event proceeds differently depending on your selection.

During battle, Ludgar has a special "weapon shift" ability. He can switch between different weapons, including hammer, dual pistols and dual swords. The battle system in Xillia 2 is known as the "XDR LBMS," or "Cross Double Raid Linear Battle Motion System."

Ayumi Hamasaki will once again do the theme song honors on Xillia 2. Animation is being handled by Ufotable once again.

Although a Winter 2012 release time period was announced at today's broadcast, we'll get a specific date and price on June 27.

An official site for the new game will be opened shortly at tox2.tales-ch.jp.

A glimpse at the Xillia 2 world.

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