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Tales Festival Day Two Reveals Additional Xillia 2 Details


A few additional Tales of Xillia 2 bits were announced on day two of the Tales of Festival event. Here's what Famitsu.com reported:

  • We detailed the game's new selection component yesterday. You'll be asked to make selections which will change the course of events -- for instance, choosing to face off against a guard, or choosing to back down. These selections will be timed, Famitsu.com reports.
  • Heroine Elle is an "energetic and active girl." (Note: This is a pretty typical description for an RPG heroine, so it doesn't really tell us much.)
  • Lulu, main character Rudger's cat, has a boss-like existence amongst the cats in Rudger's neighborhood.
  • The special Dual Shock 3 for the game's "X Edition" version was designed by Daigo Okamura, character designer of Xillia 2 (he was also art director and sub character designer on the first Xillia).

The second day stage also had talk sessions with Tales series voice actors, skit performances, and a live stage performance by Me, who sang three songs, "With You Ver.me," "Sukirai" and "Hontouso." Visit Famitsu.com for a full report.

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