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Agarest Senki Mariage Opening Movie

Plus, details on "Hotel Conversation" events.


Compile Heart updated the Agarest Senki Mariage official site with the game's opening movie, new BGM samples, and details on three gameplay systems.

Visit the system section for a look at three systems whose English names are provided as "Favorable Impression," "Hotel Conversation" and "The Matter of Cyclonize."

Hotel Conversation is what occurs when you stay at a hotel in the city. You can have some one-on-one time with one of the three heroines in your room.

Cyclonize is the name for a special communication event for when your "Favorable Impression" of a girl crosses a certain level during a "Hotel Conversation" sequence. This event can be used to unlock the heroine's special powers by pouring your own power into the heroine. You'll need to scroll up and down to select your preferred spot of application.

View the opening movie below.

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