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Nintendo Planning Larger 3DS, Wii U Price Expected at 30,000 Yen -- Nikkei

Nintendo will host its E3 press conference early Tuesday morning Pacific time.

Just ahead of Nintendo's E3 press conference tomorrow, Nikkei is reporting on a couple of announcements regarding 3DS and Wii U.

For 3DS, the paper says that Nintendo will announce a large screen version of the system. The new version will have a 4.3 inch screen, or 1.5 times the current size. A release in North America, Japan and Europe could happen as early as Summer.

Regarding the Wii U, Nikkei says that it is expected the price will be around 30,000 yen. It's unclear if the paper received any insider information about this price, or if it's just stating an obvious target.

As a comparison, PlayStation 3's 160GB model has an MSRP of ¥24,980. Wii's MSRP is ¥20,000.

Nintendo has previously said that it would not share pricing information about Wii U at E3.

The paper also reports that Wii U will see distribution of non-game content, including a car navigator, books, and a karaoke service with around 10,000 songs.

View Nikkei's report here (free registration required).

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