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Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba Approve of The Last of Us


Two of Japan's top game creators came away from Sony's E3 press conference today with high praise for one game in particular.

Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima and Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba took to Twitter following the conference to share brief praise for the last game shown at the event, The Last of Us.

Said Kojima: "'The Last of Us' was, of course, amazing. The first time I've wanted to play a game in a while." In a subsequent Tweet, he added "As a creator, The Last of Us demo crossed beyond envy and brought me delight. It brought out the desire to create again. Thank you."

Wrote Inaba: "I have no idea how it's being controlled, but this expression for something interactive is absolutely amazing! Naughty Dog is too amazing!"

You can see the clip that impressed the two creators here:

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