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Sony Targets 10 Million Vitas for 2012; SCE CEO Mum on PS4

Andrew House at Vita's Japanese launch last year.

Sony Computer Entertainment aims to sell ten million PlayStation Vita systems in the current fiscal year, SCE president Andrew House told Reuters in an interview conducted at E3 on the 5th. The company hopes to reach this goal by releasing major software in the holiday season while strenthgening the system's network contents.

During its most recent annual earnings report, Sony listed a combined 16 million sales target for all its portable game hardware, including PSP and Vita. House's reply to Reuters provides us with a specific figure for the Vita alone.

The Vita will not be the major contributor to earnings for Sony's games business, House admitted. That honor goes to PlayStation 3 which has reached its period of "harvest." It will offer provide more profits than the newly released Vita.

Reuters also tried to slip in a question about the PlayStation 3's successor, asking how far Sony has progressed in its research on the product. "I have nothing to say about next generation hardware," replied House. He continued by reiterating Sony's long running stance on a 10 year life cycle for PlayStation hardware, noting that games like The Last of Us, Wonder Book and Beyond are all completely new forms of software. "We believe that through games like this, we can show that PlayStation 3's future is strong."

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