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Inafune On the Birth of Soul Sacrifice

The conceptor himself explains how the concept came to be.


Keiji Inafune is promoting his PlayStation Vita action title Soul Sacrifice at E3. He shared a bit of background on the game with Famitsu.com in a an interview conducted on the show's first day.

The first task Inafune assigned himself after leaving Capcom in November 2010 was to sort out the games he wanted to make. He wrote "concept sheets" describing these ideas, and ended up with about 7 or 8 ideas in the span of one month. One of these was a multiplayer action game with a fantasy theme.

He spoke with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida about this fantasy multiplayer game idea, explaining that he wanted to make it target a worldwide audience. Yoshida enthusiastically said that Inafune should make a more solid plan out of it, so he did just that, creating a proper design document.

Soul Sacrifice is being shown behind closed doors at E3, but Inafune told Famitsu that he'd like to get it out into the public eye as soon as possible. Asked if the game may be shown at Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show, he said that as a Japanese creator he'd like to definitely give Japanese players a chance to play the game (this seems to suggest a showing at September's Tokyo Game Show).

Those who were lucky enough to take part in the Soul Sacrifice demonstration at E3 offered Inafune praise of the game's concept upon seeing a trailer and artwork. This pleased Inafune, as he believes concept is key to the game -- explaining the name of his company, Comcept.

Visit Famitsu.com's interview for a look at Inafune on the E3 show floor.

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