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Time Travelers: The PCE System and Kyugo Shindo's Scenario


The Time Travelers official site has the latest gameplay and character details for Level-5's multi-multi-multi platform adventure game.

Joining the Tips and Full Voice Full Motion system that we detailed last week, the site introduces the game's PCE system. PCE is short for Playing Cinema Event.

We previously assumed that PCEs were just Quick Timer Events, but they're actually half way towards mini games. These sequences require that you press buttons in time with on-screen prompts. In one example, Yuri Fukase has to practice laughing. It's up to you to press A with good timing to make him laugh. Another example involves Kyugo Shindo. You'll have to press buttons to guide his partner into a sexy pose. Finally, playing as detective Soma Kamiya, you'll have to press buttons with good timing to face off against an armed opponent.

Last week, we were introduced to Yuri Fukase's scenario. This week, it's Kyugo Shindo's turn. As previously detailed, Shindo is a former genius scientiest who now uses that big brain of his to cheat people of money. He'll even go so far as to convince people that he knows the future.

In Yuri's installment, Mikoto, the girl who appears in all five scenarios in slightly different roles, was a girl who wants to kiss Yuri on the rooftop of their school. In Shindo's scenario, Mikoto is Shindo's daughter.

An early part of the scenario shows Mikoto as a child, asking her dad why she has no mom. Shindo gives her the watch her mom left behind. The date on the watch, April 28, 2031 at 11:00, appears to have some importance.

As the main part of the scenario begins, we see that Shindo has borrowed 30 million yen in research funds from Enjiro, head of Enjiro Emotion Entertainment. Shindo and Mikoto are fleeing from Enjiro's thugs towards Cylinder Lab. Mikoto ends up falling into the hands of the bad guys. Shindo will have to come up with the 30 million yen by 17:00, or Mikoto's life could be in danger.

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