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.hack Versus New Character Screenshots

Plus, a look at the character customization component for the .hack fighter.


Famitsu.com's latest look at .hack Versus, the game component of the upcoming .hack hybrid disc, reveals three new characters and a character customization system.

Previously, Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2 have revealed Sora, Sakua, Haseyo and Ouan and Tsukasa. Today's reveals include original .hack// main character Kite, Blackrose, and .hack//Link main character Tokio Kuryuu.

Regarding character customization, screens show some of the swappable weapons that you can obtain using rewards that you earn as you progress through story mode. You set these weapons to your character prior to battle.

The above customization items are just for show, though. Even though the screens show weapons, there won't be any changes to your character's strength.

The game does have "support items." These can be equipped to your character to give attack and defense strength boosts, and other modifications during battle.

Famitsu.com's story confirms support items for use in Story mode, but does not say if they can be used during competitive play.

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