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Project X Zone Has a Voice Cast of Over 70

Plus, skippable cut-ins, and simplified action gameplay.

Project X Zone has a big voice cast.

Namco Bandai hasn't given an indication of total character count for its Sega and Capcom crossover strategy title Project X Zone. But today, the game's official blog provided somewhat of a hint. The game uses over 70 voice actors.

Of course, there's no guarantee that each of these voice actors performs for a playable character. It's possible that some characters will be used exclusively for events. The blog post does not clarify.

The voice actor count was shared as part of a post containing notice that the game's voice recording is almost complete. Event scenes aren't fully voiced, but all the main characters have event voices, centered in particular on the scene where they first appear. One of the appeals of the game will be enjoying certain passages between particular characters, and having these voiced is a nice bonus.

The blog mentioned two other points about the game today, these covering gameplay.

First, some clarification about how actiony the game is. During battle, you combine the various directions on the D pad with A to perform moves. This is the limit to the action play -- just press a button, and a move comes out. The super attack moves are also achieved with a single button press.

The other point concerns all those flashy cut-ins we've been seeing in the screenshots. These are shown when you perform super attacks. If you get tired of seeing them over and over again, you'll be able to skip over the cut-ins via button presses.

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