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Yakuza 5: Full Resolution Screenshots

We still don't know why Kiryu is driving a cab and why he decided to change his clothes. But here are some mega sized screens.


We finally have some full resolution screenshots for Yakuza 5. Sega released details and accompanying media for Kazuma Kiryu's prologue segment today. While Kiryu's background story was already revealed through the official site a couple of weeks back, today's update gives us some proper-sized screens and artwork to go along with it!

The location shown in the screenshots is from the game's Fukuoka setting. As the story goes, Kiryu is chilling with Haruka down in Okinawa at the Asagao foster home. One day, a girl visits him. It's unclear what this meeting was about, but Kiryu ends up leaving Asagao and heading up to Fukuoka. One thing leads to another, and by the game's December 2012 starting time, Kiryu is driving a cab around the streets of Kyushu's largest neon town, Fukuoka's Nagasugai district. (Like Tokyo's Kamurocho district, Fukuoka is real but Nagasugai is fictional).

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.