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Grasshopper Manufacture Announces PS Vita Game Campus Festa Winners

Five submissions to be made available to PS Plus members for download.


Grasshopper Manufacture has selected the top items in its Game Campus Festa student development program. Five of the nine submissions made it through a judgement phase, meaning they met a certain level of quality. They will be released to the general public as free downloads.

Game Campus Festa was started last year as a collaborative project between Grasshopper Manufacture and a number of game development schools throughout Japan. Grasshopper supplied the schools with PlayStation Vita development kits. The students at the schools formed teams and developed original game ideas. Students submitted their ideas around June of last year, began actual development on their projects in September and finished their work at the end of February.

The full set of nine projects were announced in February. Of those, Uni Uni Union (puzzle action), Eledive (puzzle action), Octalide (action), Volt (puzzle action) and Mou, Sou Suru Shika Nai!! (puzzle) made it through the judgment phase. They will be available as downloads exclusively to PlayStation Plus members on June 21.

Visit the Game Campus Festa Play Community site for videos of the submissions.

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