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Meet Sucre Portable's New Heroine Kai Futaba

Plus, pics of the questionable new event scenes.


This is Kai Futaba, the new heroine in CyberFront's PSP love adventure port Sucre Portable.

CyberFront didn't release any in-game shots of Kai. But the artwork did come with pics of some of the other girls.

Here's Chizuru letting a dog get into a position that most pet owners would probably agree is not recommended.

Here's Miharu apparently losing her towel in front of player.

This pic of Sayoko gets more suspect the more you look at it.

In addition to the new character, the PSP version adds new new scenarios over the PC original. The above images are among the 20 pieces of new art that are used for the new event scenes.

Sucre Portable sees PSP release on September 13.

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