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Nayuta no Kiseki: New Screens, Characters, World, and Season Change System Details


Falcom's latest screenshot blast for Nayuta no Kiseki (see the gallery below) introduces us to four new characters, four new sections of the world, and details on the game's season change system.

The four characters are Geo, Elislette, Argol and Nemeus. They each oversee one of the four areas that make up the game's Lost Heaven world.

Regarding the game's season change component, Falcom revealed that some of your quests are related to the season. To solve these quests, you'll need to make use of the game's "season change system." As an example, a fellow islander asks Nayuta to obtain a rare seed. The requester has been unable to find the fruit that produces the seed -- and with good reason, as the fruit is not in season until summer. Using Nayuta's ability to change the season, you'll need to change the season to Spring, when the plant that bears the fruit is planted, then forward to summer when you can count on the fruit being ripe.

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