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Next A Certain Magical Index Conversion Likely Coming to PlayStation

From the new teaser site.

Namco Bandai opened a teaser site yesterday for the tentatively titled A Certain Magical Index, a new game conversion of the like-named light novel and anime series. The site provided neither the game's name nor its platform. Regarding the latter, however, we may have gotten a clue from the editors of Dengeki PlayStation.

In a Tweet yesterday, a Dengeki PlayStation editor wrote about the teaser site opening and also revealed that Dengeki PlayStation's next to next issue will have details on the game. A feature in Dengeki PlayStation seems to indicate that the new game will be for PlayStation-related hardware.

(Note: This isn't always the case, as Dengeki PlayStation will occasionally cover games for other platforms that match their reader interests.)

There are some other hints that the new game will be for PlayStation hardware, and particularly for PSP. The previous A Certain Magical Index conversion, released in January 2011, was for PSP. Also, the new conversion is being handled by Guyzware, developer of the My Cute Little Sister and The Flower We Saw That Day conversions, all for PSP. Guyzware also does work on PS3 and iPhone.

The issue of Dengeki PlayStation in question will hit shops on June 28. Visit the game's teaser site here.

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