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Bravely Default Battle Demo Coming Soon

Plus, meet the third primary character in Square Enix's 3DS RPG.

We'll finally get to see what this battle system is all about.

Square Enix is readying the next in a series of demos for Bravely Default Flying Fairy. In case you're keeping score, this is the third demo for the 3DS RPG.

According to the latest issue of Jump, the new demo will be released shortly. Like the previous demos, this one will include an AR movie. But it will also allow us to experience the game's battle system for the first time. We'll also get to try out the job change system.

The previous demo was announced similarly in Jump, and its release followed later in the week. If the timing stays the same, it's possible that we'll get official announcement and release in a few days.

Jump also introduces us to a new character, the third following Anies and Tiz. Lee Edea is a fifteen year old girl from Eternia who's filled with a sense of justice. She was raised in a tough household and meets Anies while on a mission for the Eternia army.

Eternia is, of course, the nation that wants to apprehend Anies. This was apparently among Edea's tasks, but it seems that she'll end up supporting Anies and Tiz.

The magazine also provides a few additional hints about the game's battle system, showing how Edea can also change her job like the other characters. As you might expect, when you change your job, your abilities change. The game also has some sort of new system that makes use of turns.

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