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Tokyo Jungle Inspired By Masataka Nakano's Tokyo Nobody


Sony hasn't announced any art books for Tokyo Jungle yet, but if you like the look of post-human Tokyo, you may want to pick up a photo book called Tokyo Nobody. Shot by Masataka Nakano and released in August 2000, Tokyo Nobody depicts a Tokyo without people.

It's missing the elephants and their roller skates, and the chickens and their jet packs, but Tokyo Nobody actually does have some close ties to Tokyo Jungle. In an interview with 4Gamer, director Yohei Kataoka revealed that the final form of Tokyo Jungle was inspired by the book.

Kataoka actually brought Nakano to the interview, and the two discussed Tokyo Nobody's influence on the game.

The Tokyo Jungle we ended up getting remained pretty much unchanged in its basic concept from the start. Set in a devastated Tokyo and playing as animals, players would fight enemies, flee from enemies, produce offspring, and see how long they could survive.

The difference between the original and final forms of Tokyo Jungle is that the game was originally planned with the idea of using "ruins" as the settings. According to Kataoka, there was a "ruins" boom going on at the time. Nakano suggested that this might have been an extension of the year 2000 end of the millennium boom.

The Tokyo Jungle team implemented their "ruins" version of Tokyo Jungle, but something seemed wrong with having just simple ruins for the setting. It didn't match with the image of "life" presented in the game's premise.

This is where Kataoka saw Tokyo Nobody. Upon seeing the pictures of an abandoned Tokyo, he felt that the world view looked warm and gentle. It struck him that this is what he needed for Tokyo Jungle.

He picked up a copy of the book from a book store, took it to the office, and he and his staff put text and pictures of animals atop the book's images. They showed this to the producer at Sony, who was immediately excited upon seeing the concept.

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