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Sony Japan CEO Discusses PlayStation Plus, Wondernbook and Game Heaven

Image from Wonderbook (or of someone playing Wonderbook.)

Sony's showing at E3 was focused on international markets. For a glimpse at its plans for the Japanese market, we turn to this week's Dengeki PlayStation. The magazine has a post-E3 interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano.

Here's a bit of what's leaked out from the magazine, which officially makes it out to shops later this week:

  • Wonderbook, one of Sony's main E3 announcements, will be released in Japan.
  • There will be more Hatsune Miku-related announcements (Sony and Sega have already announced plans for a Miku-themed PlayStation Vita -- the first themed Vita hardware).
  • Japanese PlayStation owners have complained that the Japanese PlayStation Plus program is low key, so Sony created an internal team to come up with programs to make members happy. The PS+ program will see improvements some time this fiscal year.
  • The next Game Heaven event will be an actual event that you'll want to tune into from start to finish, and not just the sudden release of information like the first Game Heaven. Outside of just new information, Sony will partner up with companies to share development secrets and get deep into the heart of games -- things that users would want.

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