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Soul Sacrifice Directed By Mega Man Star Force Scenario Writer Teruhiro Shimokawa

From Shimokawa's Twitter... may or may not be his picture.

Keiji Inafune is Soul Sacrifice's "conceptor," meaning he came up with the game's concept. He concepted it.

But it seems that he's not the game's director. Dengeki PlayStation reveals this week that the game's director is one Teruhiro Shimokawa.

If you're a Mega Man fanatic, you may recognize Shimokawa. He did scenario work on the Ryusei no Rockman (Mega Man Star Force) series.

Interviewed in Dengeki PlayStation this week, Shimokawa promises a game of considerable volume.

Separate from Soul Sacrifice, Shimokawa says that he wants to make games that no one else would make -- like when you die all your data is erased, or you start off in a battle against the last boss. These aren't elements from Soul Sacrifice, though -- just some of Shimokawa's ideas.

There may be more in Dengeki than the above bits, which we obtained from the usual leak sources. Check back later in the day for some additional commentary from Shimokawa.

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