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Dragon Quest X Wii Hardware Bundle Announced

A black Wii and a black Classic Controller Pro to go along with the online DQ game.


Nintendo and Square Enix will be bundling Wii with what's sure to be one of the system's last big hits, Dragon Quest X. Nintendo's release calendar is listing a "Dragon Quest X Wii System Bundle." This bundle combines DQX with a black Wii, a black Classic Controller Pro, a Wii USB Memory card, and a ¥1000 Nintendo Prepaid card.

The calendar does not list the price for the bundle.

The bundle has not been officially announced by Square Enix or Nintendo, but the appearance on the Nintendo release calendar suggests that we'll hear something shortly.

Nintendo's calendar also lists the two previously announced DQX variations: Dragon Quest X on its own and Dragon Quest X bundled with a Wii USB Memory card. All three versions are due on August 2.

The software-only and USB Memory bundles.

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