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Iwata Asks About Pokemon Black & White 2

Find out why Black & White 2 is not Gray, and why it's not on 3DS.


Pokemon Black and White 2 is due for DS release next week, and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has some questions about it. Time for the latest Iwata Asks installment!

For the Black & White 2 Iwata Asks, Iwata spoke with Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara and Game Freak development head Junichi Masuda.

The column first began with a discussion about how Black & White 2 came to be. According to Ishihara, following the release of Black & White, the Pokemon staff discussed what they should release next. While Gray would be the likely successor given past naming patterns for the series (as Iwata pointed out in the column), they decided to instead "betray" (in a good sense) user expectation and try putting a "2" in the title for the first time.

Black & White 2 also differs from past third versions because it's seeing being released as two SKUs, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. There's a reason for this, explained Masuda. During Black & White's development, they had an idea that they could not put in the game due to time constraints. This idea required the release of two SKUs, so they went with the dual SKU approach for BW2.

The idea for two SKUs is actually how the project started, explained Masuda. The idea to make it into a "sequel" came a bit after.

The desire to make a sequel set in the same world is also the reason Black & White 2 is being released on DS and not 3DS, explained Masuda. As previously detailed, BW2 takes place two years after the original BW.

Japanese readers will find a whole lot more from Iwata, Masuda, and Ishihara in the Iwata Asks column.

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