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Dragon Quest X Battle Details and Screens

Speed and weight play a central role in the online DQ.


Over the past few months, Square Enix has been introducing us to Dragon Quest X's world and races. Now the weekly updates appear to be turning to the game's battle system. Today's screenshot blast covers the basics of battle.

You begin battle in this open world DQ game when you come into contact with monsters on the play field. You and your party members will engage the monsters over a fixed battle area. Battles are command-based, but you have full control over your character and can freely move around over the battle area.

Your characters have a speed parameter which determines when you can input your next battle commands. The move timer works a bit differently from what you may be used to in other RPGs. When your move timer reaches zero, you're able to input your next command. The timer starts its next countdown immediately, even while you're waiting to input the current command. With good timing, you can achieve consecutive attacks.

Position also plays a role in battle, as all moves have a target range parameter. When you select to execute a melee attack, your character will approach the enemy to attack. When you cast a spell, you'll strike the enemies in your surroundings.

Just as your character's speed parameter plays a role in the frequency of your turn, your character's "weight" plays an importance in positioning. If your character has greater weight, you'll be able to make enemies freeze, preventing them from moving and attacking.

If you find yourself at a weight disadvantage, you'll want to cast a spell which increases your weight, as shown in these screens depicting a monk cast Zusshido on a player named Jinmenju, making him big enough to take on a Rumi Rumi tree enemy.

Finally, a look at the latest enemies. Look below for Silver Devil, a snow-based creature who casts the snow-based attack Gigadeen, Devil Armor, who makes use of sword-based flame attacks, and Arc Demon, who causes a great explosion with his Ionazun spell.

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