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First Look: Qute's Xbox 360 Shooter Ginga Force

One more package shooter exclusive for Xbox 360 owners.


Qute provided a first look today at Ginga Force, a new Xbox 360 title it began teasing last week. Sure enough, the publisher's second Xbox 360 title, like its first one, Eschatos, is a shooter.

The same staff that worked on programming and sound for Eschatos are at work on this game. Qute is promising improvements in story and character areas, resulting in a more dramatic gameplay experience. The game retains the Shield System and other systems from Eschatos. You'll find over 10 stages of play, and unlockable weapons for customizing your ship.

Ginga Force will see Xbox 360 release on August 30, priced ¥7,140. Access the newly opened official site here for an introduction to Alex, Margaret and the rest of the cast.

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