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Gundam Battle Operation's Pricing Detailed

Find out how you'll pay for the free-to-play Gundam game.


Gundam Battle Operation is free to download and play, but there's of course a catch. Namco Bandai revealed today how they'll be making money off the game.

Playing the game requires energy. One play burns up one piece of energy.

You automatically earn energy throughout the day at rate of one energy every two hours. This works out to 12 energies per day, but you can actually only store up to three.

For those who can't wait for the two hour cycle, Namco Bandai will sell energy. Pricing is ¥100 per one piece of energy. You can also buy in bulk at discount - 6 energies for ¥480, 13 for ¥950, and 27 for ¥1850.

Namco Bandai will have a campaign which doubles the energy for the price through July 11. Also, there are other ways to earn energy, including rewards through play.

As you play, you'll need to unlock Mobile Suits for future use. Except for certain special machines, such as those distributed as part of special events, the MS units are free.

You can use rewards that you earn during combat to power up your MS. To make your Mobile Suit even more powerful, you'll need to purchase a Limit Unlock key, which costs ¥300. You can also purchase Limit Unlock keys for your weapons and custom parts at ¥200.

Joining the pricing details, Namco Bandai provided a look at the game's battle grounds, showing how weather and time changes affect things, and the various weapons for the three types of MS units, Fighting type, General type and Support type. Fighting type has weapons like Beam Saber and Heat Rod. General type has weapons like Zaku Machine Gun and Hyper Bazooka. Support Type has weapons like Cannon and Beam Rifle.

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