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Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Screens and Gameplay Details

New songs and modules, and details on the Chance Time Split gameplay system.


This new batch of unfortunately PSP-sized screenshots for PlayStation Vita's Hatsune Miku Project Diva F shows two songs, Cat Food and Worlds End Dance Hall, and three modules, the circus-themed Pieletta, Suigyoku (Emerald) and Kougyoku (Ruby).

Sega also detailed one of the new gameplay elements. As previously detailed, the new "Chance Time" component gives you a chance to boost your score. But if you do particularly well, you can also do a Chance Time Split, where you change the remainder of the background music video.

Your success in Chance Time is indicated by the star-shaped gauge in the screen's lower left. Once you clear a certain level, the target will get bigger. Scratch it and you'll split off

An example of the Chance Time Split effect can be seen in Worlds End Dance Hall. Normally, Miku will be surrounded by dancers. A successful Chance Time Split will result in more dances and a giant dragon at the end.

For those who like to master their rhythm gameplay, Project Diva F provides detailed analysis of your play session. You can study the data to see where you missed. Shown here, a chart for Cat Food. Red indicates a combo miss (anything below safe).

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