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High Sell Through For Tokyo Jungle

Gundam, and promise of Persona 4 The Golden, pushes Vita hardware sales.

Vita's first Gundam game is outpacing a Gundam game released one year into PSP's life.

As reported earlier in the week, Sony's Tokyo Jungle topped the weekly sales charts with 110,309 units. Media Create reports today a high sell-through of 87.47% for the game. This figure, Media Create says, is indicative that the game sold beyond retailer expectations.

Different from most PS3 package release, Tokyo Jungle was also given a download release. Media Create does not incorporate download sales into its sales reports.

The other big newcomer in the top 10 was Gundam Seed Battle Destiny on PlayStaion Vita. This sold 40,297, or 68.26% sell-through. In contrast, PSP's Gundam Battle Tactics, which was released in September 2005, placing it at a similar point in the hardware's life, sold 37,000 units and had a 58.96% sell-through.

Media Create also made note of Vita's rising hardware sales. The system saw a boost from the prior week's 8,000 units to 13,000 units. While some of this may have been due to Gundam, it's also possible that buyers were anticipating this week's release of Persona 4 The Golden.

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